At DL Woodwork we design and install bespoke TV cabinets /bookcases in a range of different styles. As every TV cabinet /bookcase is made to order from customer specifications it can be made to fit in any size alcove and can also be spray painted your required colour. Once your cabinet has been designed, manufactured and sprayed in our workshop we then fit our cabinetry in your home in one day. For ideas on designing your cabinets please see photos below.

Bookcases / TV Units

Custom Built

Every item commissioned is crafted in our on-site workshop using our own high-quality materials. By entrusting the project to one skilled cabinet-maker, you are guaranteed a consistent quality throughout. We use our own high-quality materials and paints throughout, all sourced from trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure your finished product will have been produced to the highest standard. The team at DL Woodwork are highly skilled in woodworking, enabling them to produce beautifully designed cabinets which are truly unique.